We are a small group of caring volunteers, who wish to support Jewish people making changes in their lives. So they don't feel alone.

Help in starting a 'new' life

We are a group of Jewish people (some previously Orthodox) who wish to assist other Jewish people in need of support.


Pathways' objective is not to sway anyone away from orthodoxy or religious affiliation, but rather to support individuals in their efforts to chose their own directions.


Pathways is a charitable organisation relying on donations and fundraising opportunities to provide information and support for those in the Jewish community choosing to lead self determined lives. 

To contact us, please email info@pathwaysmelbourne.org

Privacy will always be completely respected. 
Shomer Shabbat and kosher catered.



Our objectives:


To support individuals questioning their Orthodox Jewish lifestyles.


To chat, to listen, to lend an understanding ear.


To connect and facilitate like-minded Jewish people who may be going through similar journeys.


To provide the environment for like minded individuals to support one another.


To offer advice on education, housing, employment, and community groups.


To support families of individuals who desire a different lifestyle to current Orthodox version they lead.


Pathways Melbourne are not here to convince people to follow a secular lifestyle.