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We wish to see a world where all people can make their own decisions about who they want to be, within a safe and supported life journey.

Support to explore your own path in life

At some stage of their lives, people growing up or living in Orthodox communities may question their lifestyle, practices or beliefs. Some may consider adopting a lifestyle and values different to those of their family or community.

This can be a challenging process, and sometimes the journey can be lonely or risky.

The resources and support needed to deal with these changes are not always available from immediate family and community.


We are a growing group of compassionate volunteers (some with lived experience) who support Jewish people making positive life changes. So they don't feel alone.

We empower 'Pathfinders' — people who are questioning, transitioning away from, or have already left their Orthodox or ultra-Orthodox communities. Read our Pathfinder Survey 2024 for an in-depth view of our Pathfinder community.

Pathways does not aim to sway anyone away from orthodoxy or religious affiliation, but rather to support individuals in their efforts to choose their own direction.

We are simply here for a chat, an understanding ear and tips about education, health, counselling, legal, social and employment matters. 

And most importantly, we are here to connect like-minded Jewish people who may be going through similar journeys.


Privacy will always be completely respected. Pathways’ events are Shomer Shabbat and Kosher catered. We comply with Victorian Child Safe Standards.


To contact us, please email

Pathways offers

A safe space to ask questions


A peer support network


Social & cultural events


Individual mentoring


Referrals to professional services — medical, food support, mental health and legal support & more


Personal storytelling programs


Advice about accessing education, employment & more


Community education & advocacy


We value personal choice and self-determination in life’s journey.


We treat each other, our Pathfinders and their families

with empathy, confidentiality,

and integrity.



We are a first point of contact for those who are considering or

who have left Jewish orthodoxy.


We build a non-judgmental, inclusive, supportive community for Pathfinders to thrive.



We give our Pathfinders bespoke support, resources, referrals, and tools to empower and validate their life changes and choices.

We do this through our

ever-evolving suite of 

programs and services.

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