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PATH 4 LIFE | Mentor Program

Empowering Pathfinders to reach their full potential

PATH 4 LIFE | Mentor Program - read the AJN article HERE.


This unique program features three types of fully-trained volunteer Mentors for Pathfinders in need:

Buddy Mentors who have lived experience of questioning and/or moving away from the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox lifestyle to provide support and guidance.

Professional Mentors who empower individual Pathfinders to reach their full potential in a professional capacity.

Life Skills Mentors who guide individual Pathfinders to reach their full potential in life.




If you are looking for a meaningful and inspiring role and would like to become a volunteer PATH 4 LIFE Mentor click on the link above.

* Mentor Applications for 2024 are currently closed. Click on the link above to register your future interest and for more information.



If you are a Pathfinder who would like to access confidential life-changing support from a PATH 4 LIFE Mentor click on the link above.


If you have any questions about the program, please contact:
Naomi Swart (PATH 4 LIFE Program Facilitator)


Pathways does not aim to sway anyone away from orthodoxy or religious affiliation.


Pathways is not affiliated with any religious institutions.

Shomer Shabbat and kosher catered.

PATH 4 LIFE | Mentor Program is specifically supported by the Community Bank Caulfield Park (Bendigo Bank). Thank you.

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Mentor & Mentee Testimonials 

"I had no idea that I would benefit so much by having a Pathways Mentor in my life. I was struggling to get myself back on my feet after the end of a bad marriage. I was stuck, lost, and isolated when I put my hand out to Pathways, and they connected me with my amazing mentor. And it was transformational for me and my life moving forward"

- Judy (Mentee - not her real name)

"Assisting others to develop life skills is one of the greatest Mitzvot. Knowing I am supporting a mentee through trauma makes me feel stronger. I can understand another person’s real life and help them to feel they are not alone"

- Mara (Mentor)

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